Gary Clift chimney sweep

We’re often asked: “What’s the best time of year to have my chimney swept?”

Fall cleanings: If you haven’t had your chimney swept in a while, or if you burned more than a cord of wood last year, it’s best to have your chimney cleaned before the fall season. Flammable creosote could have built up last year, or animals/pest could have built a flammable nest in your chimney. Having it inspected and cleaned now will prevent a possible chimney fire, smoke inhalation, or carbon monoxide entering your home.

Spring cleanings: For those who suffer from allergies, a second Spring cleaning may be the best time. Why? Modern home construction makes homes air tight; but when you run your clothes dryer or exhaust fan, massive volumes of indoor air are exhausted that must be replaced. In many homes, that incoming air is often drawn in via the chimney, bringing with it fine soot and even creosote fumes. If your chimney is swept AFTER the burning season (ie, Spring), you could spare your family from increased indoor air pollution or allergies during the AC season.